Services We Offer

Fiber Optics Solutions For Wind Turbines

At Amer-X, we offer high-end engineering technology solutions for generating renewable energy using wind turbines by implementing industrial fiber optics to help mitigate the challenges faced by wind turbine designers. Our team of professionals is qualified to handle highly reliable fiber optic cables and components to improve wind turbines' efficiency and productivity.

Wind Turbine Maintenance And Repair

Amer X covers all the aspects of maintenance and repair of wind turbines. They provide reliable and cost-effective repair services that include but are not limited to preventative, up tower gearbox repairs & oil changes, scheduled & emergent maintenance, fleetwide overhaul & repair, blade repairs, borescope inspections & generator alignment, and overall inspection & maintenance of wind farms. We use the best standard and custom-designed OEM fiber optic components for each repair and maintenance job.

Engineering Technology Management

At Amer-X, we offer world-class engineering and management solutions in fiber optics, especially in wind turbine project engineering, procurement, and commissioning.