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Future belongs to renewable energy sources. Wind energy is one of the cleanest, limitless, and a readily available source of energy, especially on shore and off-shore in the coastal areas of The United States of America.


Welcome to the technologically advanced and innovative world of Amer-X. At Amer-X, we strive to make this planet a better place to live for our generations to come. We back the renewable energy industry by generating cleaner and environment-friendly engineering solutions for wind farms. Our team of highly qualified and dedicated engineers ensures to utilize the advantages of fiber optics technology to improve the wind turbine industry’s performance and safety. We offer repair and maintenance services to wind farms in the United States of America to guarantee uninterrupted power generation. Our unparalleled technology management helps us grow and offer the best engineering solutions to the industry.

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Fiber Optics Solutions For Wind Turbines

At Amer-X, we offer high-end engineering technology solutions for generating...

Engineering Technology Management

At Amer-X, we offer world-class engineering and management solutions in fiber optics,..

Wind Turbine Maintenance And Repair

Amer X covers all the aspects of maintenance and repair of wind turbines....

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Established in the year, Amer-X has refined the technology management solutions for the wind turbine industry. We focus on fiber optics and exploit this innovative technology’s true potential to achieve better wind turbines performance and safety. At Amer-X, we guarantee to effectively employ the flexibility suggested by fiber optics that allow an endless number of solutions in wind energy generation.

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